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Richway Biomat Store


Richway's Biomat is the future of healing. Richway itself has been surprised at the welcome into the health community that the Biomat has created. Professional athletes have been looking to the Biomat for a physical and mental edge. So we created this site as a safe place to buy these FDA approved class II medical devices at the best prices can buy your Biomat here.

Richway Amethyst Biomats are a revolutionary technology and are made with Amethyst crystals which produce far Infrared rays and negative Ions, both of which can help heal the human body. Biomats come in many sizes, including king, queen, single, mini and professional size which is perfect for massage, chiropractic, sports training, and medical tables.

Using Your Body To Heal Itself

Richway Biomats emit infrared rays. There is no more powerful healer than your own body. We have, inside ourselves, most everything we need to defeat most injuries, sicknesses and ailments. You can harness those natural healing properties and make them go into high gear, boosting your immune system and giving you more energy!

The Biomat can use the synergy from Far Infrared Rays for deep heat that penetrates your body and warms it into a false "fever" while Negative Ions stimulate cell activity. Amethyst stone is used for it's natural healing properties. All three work together and can help your body heal itself.


Order A Richway Biomat Today
For Better Health, Self-Healing and Disease Prevention

Richway Biomat


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Biomats Are Unlike A Heating Pad

Research has shown that cancer cells will die at 113°F while normal cells will flourish at this temperature. Richway's Biomat warms the body without getting as warm itself so it is safer than a heating pad and penetrates the body up to six inches, something a heating pad could never do. Regular heating pads emit little or no infrared rays while Biomats produce them in huge quantities per square inch. Heating pads don't produce Negative Ions. Heating pads can be fire hazards, not Biomats. Richway Biomats reduce electricity consumption by 60%. Now you can read about how one doctor used infrared therapy in his cancer research in "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees". Biomats are great for back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis; and a new study shows biomats can reduce stress by 78%. Biomats are rapidly becoming a popular alternative for a wide array of ailments.


Find The Right One For You and Order Your Biomat Today

Professional   Single   Queen   King   Mini

Excellent for professional healers such as chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors. Size = 700 x 1800mm /
31.91" x 77.81"
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Perfect for twin size beds. Excellent for children, guest rooms. Size = 900 x 2002mm /
35.43 " x 77.81"

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Fits Queen sized beds and each side of the Biomat can be controlled separately from one controller. Size = 1400 x 2002mm /
55.11" x 77.81"

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Like the Queen, the King can be put on different settings on each side. Size = 72.65"w x 77.81" / 1800 x 2002mm
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Great for travel, office chairs, and children. Some even get these for their pets.
Size = 850 x 330mm /
33" x 17 "
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Biomats And Your Health:
Pain Relief, Increased Immunity and Better Health

The Amethyst Biomat warms your body which dilates peripheral blood vessels which relieves muscle aches and pains. Joint pain and stiffness are alleviated with use of a Biomat, which can result in a better night's sleep. The Biomat's heat warms you from within, stimulating and revitalizing your body's cells, allowing your body relaxation and the regeneration time it needs. Order your Biomat here today!




Order Richway Biomat's Domestically and Internationally Here At


Richway has sold over 1.5 million Biomat's to people in countries all over the world. Based in America, we ship domestically and internationally. The prices are the same, the only thing that differs is the shipping costs. If you are in the continental United States, then see our domestic order information where you will see prices and shipping costs. If you are in Australia, United Kingdom, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia you should see our international order information.

Orders for Guam, US Virgin Islands, Alaska and Puerto Rico, and Mexico also have different shipping costs.


The Richway Amethyst Biomat

The Amethyst is known as "nature's tranquilizer" and has been used for centuries as a healing agent for toothaches, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and arthritis, as well as a means for detoxifying the body. Learn more about Amethyst....

Negative Ions

Biomats produce huge quantities of negative ions. Research has shown our health is directly related to the amount and quality of Ions in the air that surrounds us. Negative Ion therapy can improve blood circulation and the immune system, controlling automatic nervous system and pain relief. Learn more about negative ions...
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Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays

The Biomat's Far Infrared Rays (FIR) dive 14 to 15cm (6 inches) into the human body. These rays may benefit muscles, all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest parts of our body. These FIR produce heat and alleviate shoulder pain, lumbago, and muscle fatigue.  NASA initially discovered Far Infrared Rays. All surfaces produce FIR waves as a function of surface temperature. Far Infrared Rays can detoxify your body and buildi your immune system and may help with overall body pain and help heal injuries faster.1

Long Wave Infrared Rays not only warm our bodies, but they can stimulate various bodily functions. They can make our bodies feel fully changed. When Long Wave Infrared Rays are beamed into the body, they are absorbed by the body and they resonate through it, similar to the sound and energy waves of the bell when it is struck. Perspiration is directly related to body temperature. The Far Infrared Rays penetrate deeply into our skin, and they can eliminate waste materials through skin pores. They promote good blood circulation which can help hangovers, fatigue, arthritis and arthralgia. Learn More..

  NASA has researched the benefits of Far Infrared Rays

Richway's Other Products:
The Amethyst Pillow, The , The Alkal-Life Water Ionizer, The Rejuvena Skin Care System


Amethyst Pillow

Amethyst Pillow

The Richway Amethyst Pillow is a made with Amethyst stones and Tourmaline in channels covering an elastic polyurethane memory foam pillow. It provides important neck stabilization to ensure an anatomically supportive sleeping position.
Learn More...

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Biobelt 7000mx   Richway has brought back the Biobelt 7000mx! The new Biobelt uses eight semi-precious stones to produce infrared heat and negative ions to target specific body areas. Relieve back pain and muscle spasms and feel your muscles relax! The Biobelt is easy to travel with and provides another option with Biomat technology. Learn More.
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(55.11" x 8.26")
Biobelt 7000mx Regular Size

Quantum Energy Pad

Quantum Energy Pad  

Amethyst Quantum Pads come in the same sizes as the Richway Biomats: King, Queen, Single and Professional. You place them over your Biomat to add another source of therapy to work in synergy with the BIomat. The Quantum Pad has eighteen substances that help connect you to quantum energy. These 18 special substances take on strong negative electricity, so they play a role in bringing the voltage in the body's cell membrane to normalcy.*



Alkal-Life Water Ionizer

Alkal-Life Water Ionizer

The Alkal-Life Water Ionizer is the cutting edge in water technology. Ionized water is a great anti-oxidant and is instantly absorbed into the body a lot faster than average tap or purified water. Learn More about the Alkal-Life.

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$2,500.00 + FREE SHIPPING




Professional Package Special and Professional Discount

Professional Package: Professional BioMat and Amethyst Pillow
27.56"w x 74"l / 750 x 2002mm

The Professional Package is the Professional Biomat and Amethyst Pillow together. Together you can get them for $2,230 + FREE SHIPPING. The pair work together great in any chiropractor or doctor's office. Massage therapists...increase your income by charging for sessions on the Biomat. Learn More...

If you are a healer and have a license (doctor, chiropractor, message therapist, dentist, holistic healer, etc) and you can fax that license to us, we'll give you $100 off either the professional biomat alone or the professional package.
Learn More about the Professional Discount...
If you'd like to learn more about the Biomat, we suggest you visit:

or our newest Richway Biomat Store


You can also get more information about Biomats and the Alkal Life at:


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